Distributed Writing Mentorship: introducing Mindbounce.com
July 30, 2009, 2:47 pm
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Ever wonder what it would be like if there were a button you could press to send angels suddenly swooping in to help you avoid the numerous pitfalls of writing, like being stuck on a sentence, making an idea more coherent, or identifying the most pertinent literature for your research?

To this end, Mindbounce.com launches on August 15th, 2009, offering students a space to write their papers so that select college graduate mentors can stumble upon or seek them as they earn money selling writing and researching wisdom, one piece of feedback at a time. If the mentor sees a need, he or she will provide a comment that will benefit the author of the paper. We call that comment a “bounce,” and each bounce can cost anywhere from $1-6. At Mindbounce.com it is possible to upload a paper into the system and have your paper reviewed by highly educated mentors whom you select by associating the document with any number of tags found within a universe of academic subdisciplines:

Both students and mentors can link up by selecting the same tag from among hundreds of academic sub-disciplines

Both students and mentors can link up by selecting the same tag from among hundreds of academic sub-disciplines

There are other preferences that put the author in the driver’s seat of the mentoring relationship as well. Authors can limit the money they spend to specific aspects of mentorship, so that if an author is only seeking help with language or with the substance itself, we ensure that he or she will only receive feedback in those specific categories.

The idea is to have students set their preferences whenever they feel like so that they can concentrate on the writing. As they write, they will see the appropriate feedback trickling in on the left hand side of the text editor as illustrated here:

Each bounce in the margin on the left carries customized feedback that could be coming from dozens of different mentors

Each bounce in the margin on the left carries customized feedback that could be coming from dozens of different mentors

By letting various mentors into your document, you allow for a diversity of voices to weigh in on your project’s needs and requirements. It is a completely different experience from handing your paper to one person who looks at it in your absence. Use Mindbounce if you are looking to establish a tight back-and-forth dialogue between you and a ready-made, but customizable community of qualified mentors who can approach your document from various angles at all hours of the day.

Early stage testers can have their writing projects mentored at half price starting August 15th. Our service is invitation-only to ensure that we always have the right number of documents and mentors interacting inside our system. Interested customers can request an invitation by filling out a short questionnaire.

For more information about the types of academically friendly mentoring services we provide, please visit our about us page.


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Thanks for the invitation to join Mindbounce. I look forward to a rewarding future. There’s an extra “the” in …”Left hand side of the their text editor…”

Comment by Deward

Ha! Thanks, Deward. How much do I owe your for your feedback? 😉
Look forward to working with you as well.

Comment by Said Hamideh

Have you considered contacting the Society of Technical Communicators? STC.org, regarding your site and services??

Comment by Dustin

Said —
I sent my Mentor application on Friday, and hope to be a part of this grand scheme — it really is a good idea. But I also hope that you won’t limit it strictly to academic concerns. There are plenty of writing projects in the worlds of business, popular science, health, entertainment, sports, and so on, that don’t get very far because the people with the ideas aren’t writers or editors and don’t know where to turn for help. One example is the company blog — CEOs like the idea of having them for publicity reasons, but lack personnel to sustain the efforts once they’ve been started. So now there are a lot of ads calling for freelance writers to maintain blogs. In this case a Mindbounce editor might be able to take a hand-off of raw information from a company employee and turn it into a good blog post.

The ideas are many.

Best of luck.


Comment by Doug

The big picture is quite intense, Doug. I’m right there with you. We are focusing on the academic market in order to develop awell-rounded corps of writing mentors. Once we have perfected our services in the academic market, we think that we will be ready to expand into other genres of writing. Doug, you should be receiving an email from us in the next few days.

Comment by Said Hamideh

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